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For Brexit, VAT, and customs questions please email [email protected]


Due to Brexit, it’s at the moment a bit more complicated to send packages to the UK from the EU.
We’re working every day to make the process for you smoother.
For now, we’re taking out VAT (20%) in our UK-shop. This means you shouldn’t have to pay import VAT when receiving your package. We’re noticing some customers still have to pay the import VAT. What we recommend first hand is to contact the transportation company that delivered your package and let them know you’ve already paid TAX and see if they can remove the VAT cost. If they can’t help you, you can email us at [email protected] with the receipt and we’ll refund you for the VAT you paid in our store.
Since UK left the EU the free trade that is within the EU is now not applicable. Therefore you may have to pay customs duties (toll) on the packages from us over 135£ NET (excluding VAT and shipping etc.). Orders below 135£ in net value shouldn’t cost any extra in both customs duties and VAT. However, we’re looking into if it’s possible to send it duty-free. But for now, we haven’t found a way to do it. Some instances say it’s possible and some say that you can’t.
* VAT (taxes) – You’re paying VAT on our website and therefore you shouldn’t pay the import VAT when receiving your package.
* Custom duties (toll) – At this point, you may have to pay duties on orders over 135£ NET (excluding tax and shipping, etc). Our impression is that orders below 135£ should be free from any customs charges and VAT since you already paid VAT. We’re working on a solution to ship it to you duty-free regardless of the value of the order.