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Period Pack

We are so humbled by your love and support and we have since the beginning tried to think of ways to give back to you, big or small. One of the things we came up with, that also highlights a subject that many can relate to, is our period. From our own experience, we know that it can feel overwhelming and difficult. I remember being 15, thinking that buying tampons was super embarrassing and tried to hide them as I walked through the grocery store. Today I bring my package of tampons with me everywhere I go, It’s not something I am embarrassed about anymore, but it is something I wish we spoke more openly about.

We know that we cannot solve any major problems but we thought it would be nice to offer you guys one free package of tampons with each purchase at Djerf Avenue. If you do not want a package you can choose to donate it to a women’s shelter.

We hope this will inspire us to talk about periods, make it less difficult, and open more discussions on the topic. We teamed up with a small business straight out of high school called, they want to offer free tampons in public places with the help of their Period Pack dispenser.



Period Packs tampons are dermatologically tested and are packaged in an environmentally-friendly box.

Period Packs tampons are bleached without chlorine and have a layer that prevents the secretion of fibers in the body

The tampons are manufactured within the EU. This to be able to offer quality products and keep track of the entire manufacturing process.

If you do not want or need the Period Pack yourself, you can choose to donate it to a women’s shelter instead. We have partnered up with a local shelter and after we have made the donation to them we will share all information about it in a bigger post.

Hugs, Matilda and the Djerf Avenue team