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Tableware Factory

Grestel - Produtos Cerâmicos SA

Zona Industrial, Lote 78 3840-385 Aveiro, Vagos, Portugal

Founded in



98 Male and 589 Female


Grestel is a Portuguese company dedicated to manufacturing and designing tableware and accessories made of fine stoneware, with a focus on sustainability, an original concept of quality, durability, and exclusive design. They work daily in the construction of an efficient, modernized, innovative, and sustainable organization, in harmony with the commitments of social and ecological responsibility through which we promote and encourage good practices to protect the Environment and the People involved in our activity.

The production process:

1. Raw materials are being shaped with a roller machine

2. Drying process

3. Items are being glazed

4. Items are going to the kiln where the average temperature is 1180ºC.

5. Quality control

6. Applying the decal

7. Going to the kiln again

8. Second quality control

9. Packaging

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