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Barcelos, Portugal

Founded in



101, 79 women and 22 men


This company has been in business for more than four decades in Barcelos, in the north of Portugal. The founder of the company was a sewing machine technician, and his wife was a seamstress. The company started in 1979 in their garage and grew over the next couple of years, by moving into a building and expanding their team that at the time was made up of 15 employees. The business was running smoothly and progressing. They moved to new facilities and bought cutting edge technology machines and tools in order to produce for the most demanding clients. At this time, the market was mostly international.

Near the end of 1999, their son started working with his parents after finishing his studies at the university, and he is also still a member of the company today. His parents are now 70 and 72 years of age, and although they still go to the factory every day, all of the business is now managed by their son.

In February 2021, the company started the construction of new premises that will allow the production area to double and become more efficient; not only when it comes to productivity, but also by producing their own energy with the use of solar panels.

As a family-run company, their aim is to be a global business partner of fashion brands using their expertise and focus on ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities. In addition, they are committed and driven to providing their clients with the highest quality through creation of top quality garments. The company dedicates time to search and develop new materials, finishings, and accessories. They maintain awareness of new trends, techniques and, above all, new technologies that appear on the market, because their passion is to serve their customers.