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Knitwear Factory


Barcelos, Portugal

Founded in



17, 14 women and 3 men


Located in northern Portugal, this family owned factory has over 30 years of experience in outerwear production.

With extensive knowledge and experience in international markets, they always make sure to meet demanding quality standards. They firmly believe that the future of the fashion industry lies in sustainable management, reflected in their commitment to social, environmental and ethical responsibility.


Last updated 2024.

Meet our factory workers

How long have you been working as a seamstress?

32 years.

How did you start working in textile and garment production?

My husband was already working in the textile industry when we got married, and it was an incentive for me to start working as well.

What is the most fun part of your work?

Doing different things every day.

What is your favorite item to make/produce?

Women's garments.

A fun fact about you?

I usually do pilates classes every week.

What are your interests? What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading and traveling.

Something you are proud of?

My children.

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