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Cupro Factory


Vila do Conde, Portugal

Founded in



28, all women


Founded in June 2012, this company appeared on the market because of their love for fashion, sewing, and the women’s “how-to” that still drives the company, with the commitment to provide an agile work, of great quality, with a fair price.

The company is dedicated to the development and sewing of several articles – pants, jackets, dresses, blouses, and skirts.

Their experience with delicate articles is vast and they still produce many pieces the ancestral way, such as hand embroidery, hand stonework, and others.

The company has a team of qualified employees, modern machines, and equipment, and are always keeping up to date with the newest technology there is in international fairs. They are always working with the goal to better satisfy their clients while adapting to the changes in the market, and consistently maintaining the quality and fastness that distinguishes them.

Focused on the social sector, the company has sponsored an association of children and women at risk through a program where through the separation of all waste, they are able to trade the waste collected and provide food items.

With much responsibility and worry about the impact that waste has in nature and the world, they have a partnership with a waste management company, transforming all textile residue to paper.

The company is working on obtaining the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GOTS certifications.

The main commitment with their clients is always full satisfaction, for which the ongoing technical training is key, as well as all the tools available.

Our youth is essential in the ability to adapt to the new challenges of the market, our motto being: ”The future is built Today.”



Last updated 2022.

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