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Djerf Avenue has always been something I’ve wanted to build. It’s been a dream since I was a little girl.

Djerf Avenue was created in 2019. The name came to us when we were having breakfast at All time in Los Feliz, LA. We want you to feel like you’re walking down an avenue that breathes Djerf Avenue when you enter our world.

Djerf Avenue is a non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand. It’s created for you, by us. Born out of our love for vintage and the perfect basics Djerf Avenue is made to embody the confident, chic and laid back woman on the go. Each piece is created with love, from design to production. We want to deliver pieces that feel timeless and that will last.


All of our pieces are ethically produced and manufactured in Portugal. We have designed each piece to feel timeless and to work together. We want you to wear Djerf Avenue often. We want to be basics in your wardrobe that you can always go to. We believe in timeless designs that will work for years to come.

Why Portugal?

Portuguese factories follow European laws and policies regarding Labour relation practices. A working day is 8h = 40h per week. Morning and afternoon breaks between 10-15 minutes are provided, lunch breaks vary between 60-90 minutes.

Portugal is known for its quality workmanship and known to respect working conditions. Portugal is also known for premium fabric research and improved knowledge and technology. Producing in Portugal was an easy choice for us and one we are very happy we made.

We do not mass produce and we will always prioritize ethical practices. Our goal is to minimize waste, which is why we create limited collections.

Our hang tag, security tag and every piece in packaging are made with 100% recycled materials.


You will never find retouched models on our website or social media. Our photos come straight from the camera roll, we don’t believe in editing bodies, pimples, or even the clothing. This is us. Just the way we are. And we are proud

We can’t wait for you to wear, create memories, laugh and live in Djerf Avenue.


Matilda and Rasmus