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Meet our models


Vilma, “My favorite style from this collection is definitely the Getaway dress. It’s perfect for any occasion since you can style it both up and down. The dress made me feel classy yet sassy and so so comfortable. The Getaway dress is the real MVP!

Israa, “I love every piece of the collection but my favorite is the blue skirt and the black dress! Both of them are very simple and elegant. I felt very comfortable and effortless. And you can wear everything,  any occasion! “

Monica, “My favorite outfit of the collection was the sand blazer and skirt combo. I loved how beautiful it was! It made me feel empowered and glamorous at the same time. Plus it looked amazing on everyone.”

Vanessa, “My favorite is the It blazer in sand. It’s the most perfect cream color and it gets me dreaming about the perfect summer day”.


Mimmi, “SO difficult to pick one, but my favorite style from this collection has got to be the Summer pants, they have the most comfortable, perfect fit and you never want to take them off, like ever. Also, they go perfectly with the It blazer or any of the tops so you can mix it up which I love!”

Angelica, “I love the must have mini skirt in sand paired with the It blazer. The most perfect combination for summer!”