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Meet our models

Vilma, “the clothes made me feel comfortable, confident and sassy”

Michelle, “The clothes made me feel casual chic. Like I could wear any of the outfits with some sneakers and go to work- or dress them up with heels for a night out! I’m obsessed with the vintage feel and fit of the clothes. Looking for the perfect vintage pieces can be very hard and time-consuming and not all of us live near good second-hand stores. I feel like this collection just made it easy for everyone to find that piece with the perfect fit and style!”

Lilly, “the clothes made me feel trendy, sleek and classy but still with a chill vibe.”

Emmy, “It’s important for me to be comfortable in whatever I’m wearing because when I feel comfortable, I feel confident. Djerf avenue makes me feel just that while I also feel like myself in these clothes. This collection is very dreamy, it feels good on and I feel very stylish in it.”

Thea, “the clothes makes me feel proud of my body, confident and sexy”

Pima, ”The clothes made me feel really good about myself. I felt sassy yet cute, and confident! I always try to aim for an effortless, chill and stylish look, and that’s exactly what I think the whole collection radiates so I felt super comfortable.” 


Felicia, “The clothes made me feel classy and very comfortable”

Zoe, “The clothes made me feel stylish and comfortable!!”

Amanda, “The clothed made me feel beautiful and confident”

Matina, “Each garment has both comfort and style, a perfect combination which makes me feel confident.”