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We hate waiting for lots of things, especially the delivery of cute clothes! We want you to wear and love your Djerf Avenue pieces straight away, so here are the basics of our shipping and delivery. Please note that delivery delays may occur due to covid-19.


Shipping Provider

Our UK delivery option is DHL and UPS.

We ship every package with DHL Go Green and we climate compensate the other alternatives.

Delivery time and shipping cost.

We want you to get your order as soon as possible. We, therefore, try to send your goods so you have them within:

  •  1-5 working days (depending on your chosen delivery method)

We reserve the right to extend the delivery time due to customs.

How do I track my order?

You will receive a tracking number by email for your order, please use this to monitor your shipment so you get it right away. If your package is returned to us we do not stand for the shipping cost to resend your items.

How much do I pay for shipping?

Free delivery on orders over £170

The price for shipping may vary depending on your address (country) and shipping option. The shipping price and options will be displayed at the checkout. 

VAT & Brexit?

Due to Brexit, it’s at the moment a bit more complicated to send packages to the UK from the EU.

We’re working every day to make the process for you smoother.



We’re charging VAT (20%) in our UK shop on orders under 135£ NET. For orders over 135£ NET (162£ with tax), we will not charge you VAT in our checkout. Instead, you will receive a VAT invoice, from the transportation company directly.

If you have already paid the VAT in our store, this means you shouldn’t have to pay import VAT when receiving your package. This will be visible both in the cart and on the invoice.

We’re noticing however, that some customers still have to pay the import VAT on orders under 135£ NET. What we recommend first, is to contact the transportation company that delivered your package, and let them know you’ve already paid TAX and see if they can remove the VAT cost. If they can’t help you, you can email us at .

Since the UK left the EU, the free trade that is within the EU is now not applicable.

* VAT (taxes) – You’re paying VAT on our website on orders under 135£ Net. Then you shouldn’t pay any import fees. Orders over 135£ net (162£ with tax) will be tax-free (No VAT) in our store, but you will be charged the 20% VAT cost by the UK customs/transportation company, plus any additional duty fees calculated by the transportation company. This is unfortunately out of our control.

* Custom duties (toll) – Since the UK left the EU, the free trade that is within the EU, is now not applicable. However, since we produce all of our products within the EU, we have a free trade agreement. This means that you shouldn’t pay any customs/toll fees. If you do, the transportation company has handled the package incorrectly. Please reach out to the transportation company and let them know the invoice is not correct. The only cost you should pay is the VAT import fee if your order value was over 135£ net (162£ with tax). Please note that there may be an admin cost connected to the import fee.

Brexit Contact Form

If you have any further questions about Brexit and your order to UK, please send us an email through the contact form below.