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L - 178cm
Favorite Pants Black - Tall
M - 179cm
M - 179cm
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M - 182cm
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XXL - 178cm

Favorite Pants Black - Tall

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Baseret på generelle præferencer fra vores kunder anbefaler vi, at du går ned i størrelse for at få en strammere pasform. Bukserne er designet til at sidde løst omkring taljen og i det hele taget.

Favorite Pants Black - Tall

No words will do these pants justice, they will be your go-to pant for every occasion. High waisted, made to fit loose, and extremely comfortable.
At Djerf Avenue, we have chosen to work with certified recycled polyester for its durability, versatility, and potential to extend the lifespan of our garments, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Unlike animal-based materials for example, the production impacts less on animal welfare and biodiversity. Using recycled polyester significantly lowers our environmental impact by reducing the demand for new petroleum extraction and thus limiting our carbon footprint. We’re also constantly exploring new innovative, biodegradable materials for future use.
Despite recycled polyester’s benefits, we’re aware of the environmental challenges it poses, such as potential microplastic release, and we’re dedicated to continuously improving our sustainability practices for our products, customers, and the environment.

74% genanvendt polyester , 21% viskose , 5% elastan


Fibre: Tyrkiet

Materiale: Tyrkiet


Vores certificerede genbrugspolyester kommer fra affald fra plastflasker efter forbrug

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Hur du stylar vores Favorite Pants

Hur du stylar vores Favorite Pants


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