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Spectra Packaging

United Kingdom

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Spectra Packaging is a leading independent manufacturer of plastic bottles and caps, employing nearly 200 staff from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK.

The company has prioritised sustainability and innovation since its inception in 2008, focusing on environmental responsibility and using recycled materials in its products through Prevented Ocean Plastics, a proactive solution to ocean plastic pollution that provides socio-economic support in at-risk regions. Since using Prevented Ocean Plastics in its supply chain, Spectra has helped divert nearly 50 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

The company has clear sustainability goals and strategies, engaging stakeholders to ensure shared commitment and continuous improvement. The firm's commitment to minimising environmental impact is evident in its responsible manufacturing operations through initiatives such as Zero-to-Landfill waste management, energy efficiency measures, Operation Clean Sweep pellet control and ISO14001 accreditation.

Spectra embodies its core values of social responsibility, product excellence, innovation, outstanding customer service, and environmental mindfulness by tracking its ESG activities through verified platforms, such as EcoVadis and SEDEX, to engage with its stakeholders fully.

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