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We are Djerf Avenue - a Swedish, non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand that aims to deliver pieces that are timeless and long-lasting. Born out of love for vintage and the perfect basics, we want to embody the confident, chic, and laid-back person on the go.

Authentic representation

  • We never retouch photos of models or clothes

  • The majority of our models are our customers and employees

  • We offer a wide size range from XXS to 3XL and are continuously exploring possibilities to expand our size options even further

  • We aim to capture our products in all eight sizes, to provide a visual representation of how each item complements various body types.

  • We focus on showcasing our beauty products on several hair types, offering a clear depiction of how the products can look on different hair textures.  

Ethical production

  • We’re a vegan brand committed to the Fur Free Retailer program

  • We produce exclusively in Europe: Portugal, Italy and Sweden

  • We only partner with certified and audited factories to ensure ethical labor practices 

  • We regularly upload our active supplier list to Open Supply Hub (a supply chain mapping platform)

  • Progressing Towards Circularity: We are actively working towards integrating circular design principles across our product range

  • We conscientiously select our materials and ingredients, prioritizing natural, organic, regenerated, or recycled fibers, as well as safe synthetic and naturally derived ingredients

  • Our beauty product packaging includes 100% post-consumer recycled plastics and aluminum, FSC certified paper, 100% Prevent Ocean Plastic, always aiming for a high recycled content across all packaging products

  • All of our trims and packaging are fully recyclable:

    * Our hangtags are made of FSC-certified paper, with strings of recycled polyester.

    * Our labels are manufactured from organic cotton.

    * Our tissue paper and cartons are made of FSC-certified paper.

    * Our mailer bags are produced from 100% recycled plastic or FSC-certified paper.

Mindful choices

  • We cover any tailor or dry cleaning costs for faulty items to minimize returns and to extend the lifespan of our garments

  • We never destroy or dispose of faulty items. Instead, we sell them for a cheaper price on our Re-Sell platform.

  • We never destroy or dispose of unsold items. Instead, we transform them into new designs, also known as re-make.

  • We minimize our waste by sourcing dead stock material, utilizing left-over fabric for new products

  • We opened a warehouse in our largest market to facilitate truck shipping, aiming to minimize our CO2 footprint


  • We’ve launched our own Re-Sell platform

  • Once a month, our team participates in park clean-up activities, focusing on local parks and green spaces

  • Every Christmas, we make a charity donation

  • Twice a year, the DA team goes out in Stockholm to donate food, beverages and clothing for those in need. Any spare clothing is donated to a women's shelter

  • We’ve donated all of the profits made from our Rufus T-shirt to the dog shelter Hundstallet

  • We’ve bought 8000m2 of Swedish forest for preservation via Naturarvet

The team

  • We’re women-dominated by 84 percent

This is who we are, and we are Djerf Avenue.