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Story behind Djerf Avenue Beauty

How it all began...

For as long as I can remember, hair has been a way for me to express myself. Growing up, makeup was never my thing, but hair was. I loved it when my friends asked me to style their hair, enjoyed finding new ways to put my hair up, and always explored my mom’s beauty cabinet to discover new products. As I got older and learned more about how products are made and the impact of different ingredients, I realized that none of the products I tried met my standards and picky needs.

Why hair?

Hair is so personal. As someone who isn't super into makeup, styling my hair has always been one of my favorite ways to express myself. Growing up, I experimented a lot with different hairstyles, cuts, and colors; constantly searching for a signature style until I found what made me feel comfortable, confident, and truly like myself.

I began gravitating towards looks and techniques that made me feel my best. However, after years of mixing multiple products to achieve the look I wanted, I started to consider the practicality of having just one product that could do it all. A product with a clear purpose, beneficial ingredients, and versatility. That was when I really felt the spark ignite. It only felt natural that these were the next steps. To provide my hair with results I’ve always looked for, I knew I’d have to create products of my own.

The start of Djerf Avenue Beauty

I started dreaming about how my own products would work and look. After a year of running my own company, I thought, “Maybe I can do this?"

And here we are—Djerf Avenue Beauty is finally here. After months of testing and improving the formula, we are now launching our first two styling products. We never settled; we kept pushing for the best possible formula, the best possible feeling, and the best possible result. Collaborating with talented and passionate chemists, we have developed products that I genuinely miss when they run out.

Matilda <3

For as long as I can remember, hair has been a way for me to express myself.

Matilda Djerf


Where Djerf Beauty began, the starting point of this magical journey.

When I first got the idea for Djerf Beauty, I brought it up with Rasmus. We brainstormed the possibilities of this new concept and I fell in love, I knew I had to make it happen. As Djerf Avenue grew, so did my passion and desire to bring Djerf Beauty to life.

So the journey of building Djerf Avenue Beauty began….



The first step in the creation of Djerf Beauty was concept planning. I began collecting inspiration, ideas, and goals, creating a clear brand vision. Although Djerf Beauty would be a section of Djerf Avenue, I wanted it to stand out while still encapsulating the core DA feel. Creating the foundation of DA Beauty was so exciting and inspiring.


Collecting all my ideas was the easy part, but I can’t say the same for the product formulations and material sourcing. From the beginning, I had high expectations for the quality of the components and materials being used. My standards for the products were extremely difficult to meet, I didn’t want to cut any corners in the production of these products, regardless of how strenuous the process was.


This is when we sent our first product brief to manufacturers. We were feeling nervous but very eager, slowly moving in the direction of positive progress.


We started product formulation and developing our Core Scent. There was no question that we needed these ingredients to be held to the highest standard to guarantee safe and high-quality products. We knew that the rigorous testing and development process would take a while, but would be incredibly rewarding to ensure perfection for every Djerf Avenue Beauty product.



This month was especially exciting, we had finally solidified our Core scent. This was a pinnacle moment, setting the tone (and scent) for DA beauty. With the scent decided, it was on to packaging. I wanted the packaging to scream Djerf, I wanted a clean look while highlighting the amazing ingredients in the products. Along with the packaging drafts in the works, the color scheme for DA beauty needed to be set. I knew what I wanted, but selecting just a few specific colors became a daunting task; these colors would be true to DA beauty for, well, forever.


After plenty of trials, the formula for our Styling Gel was confirmed. It was exhilarating, we had created a high-quality product, with the perfect scent, that worked like no other styling gel. Truly a milestone for the intensive process of the creation of DA Beauty. This was the product we finished first and I truly can’t put into words how much I love our On The Go Styling Gel.


A time of two milestone moments. We finally locked in our product design and logo, and we secured our manufacturer for the materials of our packaging. Seeing the packaging come to life with our logo printed on the front was such a pinch-me moment! Holding this in my hands felt indescribable. It felt that much more real that Djerf Avenue Beauty was almost ready.


Our Styling Mist was approved! We had been working for so long on this one, and finally, we got that perfect “breezy” feeling that we were aiming to capture. What sets our Styling Mist apart is its versatility - it effortlessly adapts to various hair types and styles. Experience the perfect blend of style and protection with our Styling Mist.



The Djerf Avenue Beauty shoot, a surreal two days. Thinking back to 2020 when I first got the idea for DA Beauty, these days were a dream come true. On the first day of our shoot, we cast multiple models, using both the Styling Mist and Styling Gel to create gorgeous hairstyles. The following day was reserved for shooting campaign images and videos. On that set, all of my DA Beauty visions were coming to life before my eyes. I could not be more excited.


Returning to the vibrant streets of NYC, we are thrilled to unveil our baby, Djerf Avenue Beauty. This time we are located at 21st Green St.
Our pop-up is a haven of exclusive items adorned with the all-new DA Beauty prints and, of course, a display of our new hair products.
The iconic I <3 DA print makes a return in a fresh guise, joining our exciting lineup of exclusive items.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for you join us on the journey, down a new road of Djerf Avenue and into the world of Djerf Avenue Beauty. Something new is already on the horizon, something that will transform your daily rituals and the future of your haircare…