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About us

Our Story

I’ve always been called the stylist in my family and among friends.

I think back to when I was a kid rummaging through my mom’s closet and eventually convincing her that a pair of boots with heels was necessary for my outfit. They were brown, and the heel was barely there. I was obsessed with them. I think my dream to own a clothing brand started somewhere around that time, and since then, it has been something I have worked towards.

Before I knew anything about the brand, I knew I wanted to produce in Portugal. Ethical production is the only way I know, and I knew it then as well. Today, we’re producing in Italy and Sweden too.

After that, we started talking about names. My partner and co-founder, Rasmus, and I were having breakfast at a café in Los Feliz when I remember reading the word “Avenue,” and my mind started playing around with it. I said “Djerf Avenue” out loud, and we both looked at each other with excitement. We had found our name.

Djerf Avenue is my safe space, and I hope that translates to all of you through the products and content we create.

I want you to feel like you are stepping into our world when you shop with us or just hang out on our socials. A Djerf Avenue world filled with kindness, inspiration, respect, and the perfect wardrobe staples.

Thank you for supporting my dream, Djerf Avenue <3 I hope Djerf Avenue gets to be a part of you reaching your dreams.

My 12-year-old self is saying, “Every day is a runway,” so go chase your dreams and wear a Djerf Avenue outfit while doing it!


Matilda <3