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Remake Collection - Process

Our Fifth Avenue Angels event was a magical evening, a dream turned reality. This event was for the optimistic and beloved community that has built Djerf Avenue, and it was a night filled with inspiration and enough memories to last a lifetime. Our angels mean everything to us, and our Fifth Avenue Angels event in New York City was a longtime dream of ours to give back to our community, the very core of Djerf Avenue - all of you.

We couldn't be more proud of bringing new life into existing clothing, and to be able to create beautiful and purposeful additions to the Djerf Avenue closet, worn across the stage entirely by the members of our very own community.

Let us walk you through the process behind our Fifth Avenue Angels Remake Collection:


Our first ever fashion show featured solely Remake items. We altered some of our most beloved, pre-existing pieces to create new, limited edition styles from the same high-quality fabrics that you all know and love.

In true Djerf Avenue fashion, the Remake Collection highlights versatility and the pursuit of sustainability - two important goals that we are always consciously and continuously making an effort towards. We wanted everyone watching to feel like these are items they could wear in their everyday lives, and we knew right away that those who wear DA everyday would be the best models for the runway show - our very own community.

"There was so many parts in the Remake process that I love, but the creative process has my heart.

I love giving an already existing garment new life, creating something completely new, but still celebrating the original design. I like to think that remaking already existing garments is a celebration of growth - it's a reminder that you're ever changing, evolving, and becoming new versions of yourself."

Matilda Djerf

What is Re-made?

All the items featured in the Remake Collection from the Fifth Avenue Angels runway event are remade. What this means is that we have taken items that we have in stock and re-designed them into new items. In doing so, we are not producing new materials to create these designs, but instead the garments are "manufactured twice" - first when the original item was produced, and once more when it is remade into the new item.

The double manufacturing process is our effort to be kinder to our planet by reconstructing existing garments and transforming original DA items into the Remake ones you saw on the runway for their debut.

The impact of a Remake Collection ideology

Remaking Djerf Avenue pieces for our first ever runway show was a no brainer for us. By choosing to reimagine and reconstruct already existing garments with these limited edition and made-to-order pieces, we are eliminating the need to produce entirely new materials to create brand new items, saving resources and energy during the creation of this collection.

All of the Remake Collection pieces are made in Sweden, so the need to ship items between other countries for the manufacturing process is no longer required, further reserving energy contributions. In addition, we are using deadstock and self-material for trims as much as we possibly can in order to utilize as much of the existing fabrics that are available.

The motivation behind this Remake project, as well as our Fifth Avenue Angels fashion show, was to positively impact our community and the world of fashion by allowing our values to fuel the event and embedding our principles into every part of the journey. We are striving to be more mindful, inclusive, and circular when thinking of fashion and its practices.

The Remake Collection is filled with unique pieces that range from casual, everyday styles to luxurious, dressier pieces - all of which are wearable for every type of person, made by us, for you.

We are so thankful for our talented production team, as well as our tailors and seamstresses at our factories in Sweden, for the hours and hours of perfecting each of the Remake items. They have helped us to transform original pieces into new designs, for the runway and for our customers. From the little handmade unique details, such as the textile flowers and fabric covered buttons, to creating new silhouettes out of our favorite DA fabrics - they have made each vision we've had for every new item a reality.

This process has truly been so amazing and our hearts are so full, as we cannot wait for you to experience the Fifth Avenue Angels Collection firsthand!

Matilda's first fittings... ♡
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