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Occasion Top

The design process

We found a fabric that I instantly loved, I put it next to my computer to get inspired and to let my creativity flow. It wasn’t long before I got the idea for our occasion top.

I started thinking about our getaway top – how much I love the shape of it, how could I make it a bit more spicy? I played around with the idea of opening it up. How did I want to be able to close the top? When I saw the fabric I thought about summer – delicate ties felt like the perfect fit. To balance out the delicate ties I added the cuff at the end of the sleeves and exaggerated the sleeves even more. I ran over to Agnes, my production manager, with my idea and we immediately went ahead with a first prototype.

The moment we received the top and put it on we knew it was perfect. Since the first sample, we haven’t changed a single thing.

It was perfection from the start.

The idea has been to be able to wear it as our getaway top. With everything. If you want a matching set – you wear it with the Occasion skirt. If you want to dress it down you pair it with jeans. I styled it together with our sporty pants when we received the sample, and since then I’ve been so eager to launch it.

When we received the first sample we also sampled a different skirt, but it didn’t feel right. It took too much attention away from the top – the balance was off. So we decided to make our Must Have Mini Skirt, but without the slit.

I was so excited to post a photo of the top, I couldn’t wait to see what you thought about it.

I was hoping you would love it as much as I do. Since then we’ve all been eagerly waiting for it to drop, and now the time is finally here!

Seeing our Occasion set come to life has been an absolute dream, when I first styled it on our beautiful customers who have modeled for us I had to scream a little.

And to now see all of you, my extended family, style it and create memories in it – I can’t wait!!


Matilda 🤍