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Happy summer angels 🌸

Let us inspire you to have the best summer together with us!

Below you can find our #DAbucketlist Summer Edition with a list of 100 suggestions of activities, reminders, and ideas for you to have the best time.

Don't forget to document yourself and your friends ticking off the tasks on the list and post on your socials and Angels Avenue using #DAbucketlist for a chance to be reposted x

  1. Facetime someone you miss!

  2. Go for a swim

  3. Make a summer cake! - recipes in our Ig highlights

  4. Journal

  5. Try a new restaurant/cafe

  6. Have a picnic outside

  7. Make a flower crown

  8. Write a letter to someone/to yourself

  9. Make a vision board

  10. Eat ice cream

  11. Read a book

  12. Visit a museum

  13. Have a movie night

  14. Stargaze

  15. Ride a bike

  16. Donate / charity work in any way

  17. Crochet something

  18. Try a makeup tutorial

  19. Meditate/yoga/practice mindfulness

  20. Try a workout - visit our YouTube channel for guided workouts with the team

  21. Have a spa day at home

  22. Eat fresh fruit/berries

  23. Play board games

  24. Take yourself out to dinner

  25. Take 10 minutes to relax and thank yourself

  26. Plant flowers

  27. Dance to your favorite songs - PS. don't miss our Djerf Avenue playlists on Spotify!

  28. Have your favorite take out dinner

  29. Tell someone you love them!

  30. Have a photoshoot

  31. Go for a walk/hike

  32. Start painting

  33. Do a puzzle

  34. Pick a wild bouquet of flowers

  35. Skip stones

  36. Learn 10 words in a new language

  37. Sleep in late

  38. Make lemonade

  39. Write down 5 things you love about yourself, and read them out loud

  40. Start watching a new series

  41. Host a dinner/breakfast/lunch party

  42. Have a clothes switch with your friends/family

  43. Movie/series marathon

  44. Make a bouquet/flower arrangement

  45. Switch to clean bedsheets + make your bed

  46. Watch the sunrise

  47. Have an all-day PJ / breezy set day

  48. Have a phone free night/morning

  49. Write down something good that happened this week

  50. Write down 5 things that have made you smile lately

  51. Listen to a podcast/ebook

  52. Create an Angels Avenue board

  53. Write down 5 things you are grateful for

  54. Have a day in bed or sofa day

  55. Organize your closet/cupboard

  56. Breathing exercise

  57. Cleanout your camera roll

  58. Set 3 short term goals

  59. SUNSCREEN REMINDER - remind yourself & a friend to put on sunscreen

  60. Say hi to 5 strangers

  61. Watch the sunset

  62. Make yourself a yummy breakfast

  63. Lay on the grass

  64. Call someone!

  65. Stretch

  66. Have a book swap

  67. Visit a farmers' market

  68. Enjoy a BBQ

  69. Create a travel journal

  70. Make yourself a yummy matcha or coffee

  71. Make a summer playlist

  72. Rewind, take at least 10 minutes to relax in your favorite way

  73. Try a new recipe

  74. Make a " things I am excited for" jar/list

  75. Offer to help someone

  76. Go to a cafe/restaurant that you haven't tried before

  77. Do a crossword / soduko

  78. Have a drink/ mocktail making competition

  79. Host a #DAdiningclub

  80. Give yourself a thank you, thank your body and mind

  81. Make Matilda's famous morning buns for breakfast

  82. Try forest bathing aka "Shinrin YOKU"

  83. Go to the movies

  84. Try a recipe you have saved

  85. Go sightseeing in your own city

  86. Visit your favorite cafe

  87. Switch books with someone

  88. Write a poem

  89. Send someone you miss a text to let them know that you are thinking of them

  90. Make friendship bracelets

  91. Redecorate your room / a room in your home

  92. Try a DIY remake with items you want to give new life

  93. Take mental pictures and really breathe in a moment that you feel great in

  94. Which produce is in season where you live? make a meal based on these!

  95. Write down 5 life reminders that you love

  96. Have a manifestation session

  97. Let someone you appreciate know, and why <3

  98. Have a pool day

  99. Karaoke night

  100. Make a summer scrapbook of your summer memories