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Repair and Reuse

  • We encourage you to repair minor damages to extend the life of your garments. We're of course here to provide guidance or recommend local repair services.

  • Lost a button? Please reach out, and we’ll happily send you a replacement to keep your item in perfect shape.


  • Check Local Guidelines: Different materials require different care. Always consult with your local recycling facilities for detailed instructions on recycling apparel.

  • Fabric Separation: If possible, separate different types of materials before recycling. Natural fibers and synthetics may have different recycling streams in your local area.

Thoughtful Disposal

  • Our Resell Platform: Use our platform to pass your pre-loved pieces on to someone else.

  • Donation: Garments in good condition can always find a new home. Donate to your local charity to give them a second life.

Stay Informed

  • Education is important: Stay up-to-date with the latest in recycling advancements in your area to ensure you are disposing of garments in the most sustainable way.

How to recycle our packaging

For 100% r-PET Bags:

  • Recyclable as plastics: Once you’ve unpacked your order, you can recycle these bags as plastic.

For 100% FSC Certified Paper Bags:

  • Paper component: Recycle with paper waste.

Polypropylene handles:

  • Separate the handles from the paper bags and recycle them with plastics.

For Wellpap Boxes:

  • Fully recyclable: Break down the box and recycle as cardboard.