Community FAQ

Welcome to Angels Avenue

The Djerf community is a home for Djerf angels where you can wear, create memories, get inspired, and share your experience with Djerf Avenue. On this platform, you can discover and save creative ideas, follow and be inspired by other members of the community and share your own experiences with Djerf Avenue. You can also upload or save your favorite pins to your own boards to keep your ideas organized and easily accessible. Whether you're a Djerf angel looking for new ideas or just want to connect with like-minded people, the Djerf community is the perfect place to call home.

Check out our onboarding video to get started!

For us, the community is everything. You are the reason we do this. That's why we’ve integrated the community as much as possible with experience on our site. You can always go to the community home by tapping the user icon in the navigation, but you can also use the community toggle in the navigation (mobile) to jump between the Djerf avenue site and the Djerf community.

The community consists of the following primary areas that you can read more about below:

  • Home - This is your starting point where you can take part of everything the community is sharing.

  • My Profile - This is where everything you have saved or shared with the community lives.

  • Our World - This is Matilda’s and the Djerf Avenues own space to share exclusive content only for angels.

  • Reviews - See and manage all your reviews and help other angels.

  • My account - Your profile details and account info lives here.

  • My orders - An overview of all your orders, past and current.

  • Wishlist - This is where products that you’ve saved goes if you don't add them to style boards instead.

  • Waitinglist - This is where you manage products that you’ve signed up to get notified about when they're back in stock.

  • Community FAQ - This is where you are now!


The Home section consists of three spaces. The initial space is the community space. This is a overview of whats happening in the community now and you can browse stylepins and styleboards created by other angels or Djerf avenue. The stylepin- and styleboard- feeds are sortable feeds of all the latest, trending or most popular content created by other angels.

My profile

This is where you find and manage everything that you’ve created, saved or follow.

The section consists of the following four spaces:

  • My boards - The styleboards that you have created, as well as the “All my stylepins” board where you can find ever stylepin you've either saved or created.

  • My uploads - All the stylepins you’ve uploaded lives here. You can easily manage them, toggle visibility or delete them if you wish from

  • Saved boards - Here you can see and manage all the style boards that you follow from other users.

  • My angels - Here you can see and and manage all angels that you follow.

  • Our avenue - Get inspired, learn, see what goes on behind the scene and much more in Matilda’s and the Djerf avenues exclusive microblog - only for angels.


This is where you find and manage everything all your reviews and questions/answers, as well as help other angels that have questions. The section consists of the following four spaces:

  • My reviews - See and mange reviews you have submitted on purchased products.

  • My questions - See and mange past and current questions you have asked the community on specific products.

  • My answers - See and manage past and current answers you have given other angels.

  • Help other angels - Answer questions other angels have about specific products, fits, styling advice or anything.

My account

This is where you can manage your profile details, personal information or password. Why don’t you start by adding a profile picture and sharing a few words about who you are to the rest of the community if you haven't already? <3

My orders

View the details of your past and current orders.


If you tap the heart of any product, it gets added to your Wishlist and you get the option to also add it as a style pin to on of your style boards. You can always access the wishlist using the heart icon in the navigation, or by going here where you have an overview of all wishlisted products.

Waiting list

Sign up to be notified when a product that is coming soon or is currently out of stock becomes available again. Manage your waiting list here.


The home section is the startingplace to explore new styles, ideas and inspiration. In your home feed you will find stylepins and styleboards from other angels for you to start follow to create your own Djerf community experience.

A stylepin is an image uploaded by other angels or Djerf, that you can save to your own styleboards. Save pins to your boards by clicking on the "heart" button and select a styleboard. You can create as many boards as you like, and give them descriptive names to help you find your pins later. Tap on a stylepin to open the stylepin view where you can see more info, such as who created it and if there are Djerf products in it. You can also comment and reply to comments here.

A styleboard is a collection of stylepins created by an angel. You can follow a styleboard by tapping the heart and adding it to your saved styleboards located under “my profile”.

Angels are other users in the community and you can find them everywhere as creators of individual stylepins or styleboards, or by using the search.

The search function can always be found in the menu and allows you to toggle what kind of result you want to find. You can search for Products, Stories, Angels, Styleboards and Stylepins.

On the bottom of most pages you can find related content that are popular or relevant to your interests, so you can find more ideas and inspiration that match your style.


To create a stylepin, upload an image using the “create” button found on the top of the page on both “Home” and ”My profile”. Select an image to upload, give it a short descriptive title, tag products if there are any and select/create a styleboard to add it to. If you are the creator of a specific stylepin you can always find and edit it from “my uploads”. Both stylepins and styleboards can be made private by the user.

A styleboard can be created the same way as a stylpin - using the “create” button. You can also create it while uploading or saving a stylepin. Styleboards can be shared and people can save it unless you make it private.

This is like a regular styleboard, except it automatically fills up with all your stylepins from all boards. This means that you will find both saved and uploaded stylepins here. This is a pinned board exist just for you. It’s not deletable and it’s only visible for you.


To write a review on a product you need to be logged in and have purchased the product. Then you can visit the product page and enter your review at the review section located in the bottom of the page.

To answer other angels questions you can either go to “Help other Angels” or visit a product page and scroll to the Q&A section.


On “my account” you can find all things related to your account and personal information etc. To change your avatar simply tap edit on profile details, choose a photo and make sure you have the rights to upload it, then save changes and it’s done.

No. You fill in whatever you want. Your username is generated, but displayed name and bio is totally optional. If you don't fill it in, nothing will show. Djerf community is for everyone and you decide yourself how much you want to share.

Yes. Simply use the toggle switches located in “edit” mode of profile details.

Use the notifications tab to stay up to date with what's happening on your boards, pins and with the users you follow. Once you have new notifications you will see an indicator in the notification icon in the menu. Notifications will automatically dissapear after 12 weeks, but you can also delete individual notifications by tapping the dots button on each notification.

My Orders

Here you can get an overview current and past orders, as well as track status of ongoing orders.

Do you have any questions?

You are always welcome to get in touch with our Customer Service Team at We are happy to assist you with any inquiries or questions you may have. The working hours of our team are 08:00-17:00 CET and 9AM-5PM, New York. Our team only works Monday-Friday.

Yes, you can exchange your item to another size or color, permitted it is in stock at the warehouse. If the size you request is out of stock, please make a return. We offer one (1) free exchange per order, please fill out the return form here.

Go check out the order section on the shop FAQ

Wishlist & Waiting List

To add a product to the wishlist, simply tap the heart icon on a product card once. That action will save the product to the wishlist that is accessible using the wishlist icon in the menu or by going to “wishlist” in community. If you tap the heart icon on a product once, and then also tap the “add to styleboard” text you will get the option to add it as a stylepin to a styleboard. If you add it as a stylepin, it will also be added to the wishlist.

In summary: The wishlist only consists of products that are saved by tapping the heart icon on productcard once, but not added to specific styleboards as stylepins.

If a product is labeled as coming soon, go to the product page and tap the waiting list button below the sizes.

If the product is available but not the size you want, just tap the size you want and it will open up a input field for you to join the waiting list, and if you are logged in or the email is connected to your account, you will find it on the list under “waiting list”.