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Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester means that instead of producing virgin polyester, old polyester products are being melted down and re-spun into new, recycled, polyester fibers. Our certified recycled polyester comes from post consumer plastic bottle waste. There are both pros and cons when using recycled polyester. It is positive that an already produced material can be used again and made into a new product, rather than going to a landfill or into the ocean. Polyester is a very versatile, durable and easily maintained fiber that usually last for a very long time. Recycling has its limitations, it cannot be recycled forever and not any polyester can be recycled. The process of recycling polyester also still has an impact on the environment, as all production does.


As the polyester fiber is so durable and resilient, it can be worn, washed, pressed and stored many times without being too affected. Depending on the product, it can usually be washed in medium temperatures (30-40° Celsius). Wash in a microfiber washing bag to catch microfibers from being washed out in the drain. It shouldn’t be ironed in too hot temperatures as it has a lower melting point than natural materials. However, polyester rarely wrinkles so it shouldn’t need that much ironing. Most polyester garments can be stored folded as they don’t crease much, but shaped garments such as blazers should always be stored on hangers to keep the shape.