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Phone Case Summer Berries

Phone Case Summer Berries

39.00 CAD

Color: Summer Berries

Color: White Butterfly
Color: Dream Cake
Color: Fruit
Color: Rufus print
Color: Summer Berries
Color: Summer Island

Size: One Size

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Phone Case Summer Berries

We are beyond excited to share with you our Phone Cases in collaboration with agood company! Our phone cases are made out of 100% compostable materials and comes in our most popular prints. Protect your phone and even match your outfit with the cutest and environmentally friendly accessory - our Phone Case!
P.S If you ever decide to part with your case, you can send it back to a good company and they'll compost it for you and re-use the material to create new ones!Copyrighted print
  • 0% plastic
  • 100% compostable and recyclable
  • Designed and produced in Sweden
  • A Vegan Society Certified product
  • Supports wireless charging

100% plants

Produced in


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