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S - 162cm
Must Have Mini Skirt Black
S - 162cm
M - 172cm
XL - 156cm
XXL - 177cm
XXL - 177cm
3XL - 182cm
S - 177cm
S - 162cm
XS - 171cm
XXS - 175cm
3XL - 162cm
3XL - 162cm
L - 162cm

Must Have Mini Skirt Black

949.00 SEK

Color: Black

Color: Black
Color: Grey

Size: XXS

  • Produced in Europe

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Must Have Mini Skirt Black

Our Must Have Mini Skirt became a favorite item right away. It is designed with comfort in mind and has a looser fit.
At Djerf Avenue, we have chosen to work with certified recycled polyester for its durability, versatility, and potential to extend the lifespan of our garments, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Unlike animal-based materials for example, the production impacts less on animal welfare and biodiversity. Using recycled polyester significantly lowers our environmental impact by reducing the demand for new petroleum extraction and thus limiting our carbon footprint. We’re also constantly exploring new innovative, biodegradable materials for future use.
Despite recycled polyester’s benefits, we’re aware of the environmental challenges it poses, such as potential microplastic release, and we’re dedicated to continuously improving our sustainability practices for our products, customers, and the environment.
  • Slit in the front
  • Hidden zipper on the side
  • Fully lined

74% recycled polyester, 21% viscose, 5% elastane


Fibers: Turkey

Fabric: Turkey

Produced in


Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Machine wash cold inside out
Mini length

Styling tips

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