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XXL/3XL - 178 cm
Trench Coat Sand
L/XL - 178 cm
S/M - 162 cm
S/M - 162 cm
L/XL - 186 cm
XXS/XS - 156 cm
S/M - 162 cm
XXL/3XL - 180 cm
S/M - 162 cm
XXS/XS - 156 cm
XXS/XS - 156 cm
S/M - 167 cm
S/M - 166 cm
S/M - 166 cm
S/M - 162 cm
S/M - 162 cm
S/M - 166 cm
S/M - 154 cm
S/M - 172 cm

Trench Coat Sand


Couleur : Sable

Couleur : Sable

Taille :


Trench Coat Sand

This Trench Coat is our definition of a perfect and timeless coat that elevates any outfit. The Trench has a straight and oversized fit with a sleek and clean design, featuring classic details such as a collar and a slit in the back. It’s equipped with corozo buttons at the front and on the cuffs, and has our logo embroidered at the front bottom hem. The inside of the coat is unlined to keep the shape of the coat sleek and to show off the beautiful craftsmanship behind the piece.

It is enhanced with an Evo® Protect DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. This technology offers a water-resistant layer effective in light rain, although it's important to note that this is not a raincoat. The finish keeps you dry while still maintaining the fabric's breathability and comfort. Additionally, it's completely PFC-free.

Key Properties:
Water Repellency: Designed to keep you dry in light rain conditions and ensures that water beads up and rolls off the fabric. Note: This is not a raincoat.
PFC-Free: Completely free of perfluorinated chemicals.
Maintains Breathability: The fabric remains breathable despite its water-resistant capabilities.
Durability: Provides a long-lasting protective layer on the fabric.
  • Corozo buttons at front and at cuff
  • Classic collar
  • Slit in the back
  • Flap and small corozo button at neck
  • Embroidered logo at bottom of the front
  • Straight fit
  • Mid length
  • Unlined

100% coton biologique


Fibres : Turquie Tissu : Portugal

Pays de fabrication



Notre trench est doté d’un traitement Evo® Protect DWR (Durable Water Repellent, en français « propriétés imperméables durables »). Cette technologie permet de vous protéger de manière efficace en cas de pluie légère, mais attention, il ne s’agit pas d’un imperméable. La finition de ce vêtement vous garde au sec tout en préservant la respirabilité et le confort du tissu. De plus, il est sans PFC.

Nettoyage à sec uniquement
Ne pas utiliser d’eau de javel
Ne pas sécher en machine
Repasser à fer doux
Coupe oversize
Coupe droite

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