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Terry factory


Guimarães, Portugal




40 Frauen, 83 Männer


Since the foundation of Neiper in 1977, their business has been exclusively focused on the production and commercialization of terry cloth products.

For over 30 years, they have been offering their products to customers worldwide, assimilating their diverse preferences in perfect combination with the Portuguese tradition of fine craftsmanship. They believe that an organization should have a cornerstone; and theirs is investments. More investments in people, facilities, equipment, and quality management. With enthusiasm, they have been doing all that they can to improve their internal organization. That's why today, NEIPER are a vertical organisation that integrates multiple production activities of their terry cloths: R&D, Warping, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, Tailoring, and Packaging. At NEIPER, they value feeling useful to their customers, with commitment and responsibility.

With 100% dedication, this is their focus: to produce better terry cloths.


Letzte Aktualisierung 2024.

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