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Dream Remake Factory

Borås, Sweden

Founded in



10, 5 women, 5 men


A micro-factory in the fashion and textile industry that offers sustainable production using resource-saving design methods, upcycled materials, deadstock and local manufacturing.

By combining long experience from the fashion and textile industry with a social responsibility, we have professional employees with unique craftsmanship skills from other cultures in society so that together we can offer a socially driven and flexible production that creates sustainability gains and new business opportunities.

Our customers are primarily medium-sized and large companies in the textile and the fashion industry in Sweden and in the next step - Europe.

Textilfabriken is a small, flexible partner who can quickly produce sustainable and creative capsule collections of the highest quality "on-demand" with minimal material waste. The products are stored close to the market for faster and more cost-effective logistics.

The result is an individually adapted production model that provides unique opportunities to test products on the market before they are produced on a larger scale.

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